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Andrea was a welcome and very dependable addition to Padres Magazine in This is my specialty — the ever-fascinating blend of baseball and astrology. The sports world is catching on to this unique, insightful mix! Often, when it comes to our players, fans only get to see what's listed in the box scores. Andrea was able to give our readers a different perspective that was fun and light-hearted. She quickly proved that not only does she have an insight into the astrological world, but she also knows her baseball!

Andrea was a pleasure to work with and a real bonus to our publication. She knows her stuff, but still knows how to share a good laugh. She offered great insight some accuracy's were downright eerie and a unique angle to my sports segments. She revealed the complex person he is with her witty and engaging analysis. She's very knowledgeable about baseball and is welcome back to KNBR radio anytime. I received many compliments on the show and requests that Andrea return. I look forward to having her on "Right off the Bat" next season. She pegged Laker's coach Phil Jackson to a T!

She did a great job and I look forward to having her on again soon.

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Andrea's contribution definitely spiced it up with a well researched, informative and so far, eerily accurate, piece on the team. We look forward to using her services again in the future.

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Her accuracies are fascinating. Even if you don't believe in astrology, Andrea will leave you entertained and curious to say the least! Andrea brought her enthusiasm and knowledge and made for a fun interview. Her predictions had everyone anticipating whether the stars would really align for the A's. Andrea has become quite the person in demand at ESPN, as the television side has also talked to her on more than one occasion.

I'm sure with Andrea the stars the limit! Andrea's awesome.

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She has this perfect combination of a unique skillset coupled with legitimate knowledge of baseball, which allows her to present all of this really well-researched data, and relate it to a baseball fan. It makes her great for guest spots. Readers and viewers walk away not knowing what hit them, but commenting on how they want to see more of her.

Coupled with a strong and lively personality, Andrea rewards all sports fans with her delightful, informed presence. Her insight into both the current and future performance cycles were both insightful and exciting. I would highly recommend to all those who seek an understanding into both personal and professional energy cycles. It was a great understanding of how timing, performance cycles and opportunities all work together. Watch this at KGMZ. Andrea Mallis , Sports Astrologer, is a devoted baseball fan, writer, and astrologer.

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When Andrea moved to Berkeley, California, becoming a certified astrologer in culminated the journey. She pioneered the magical blend of sports and astrology after attending an Oakland A's game in After calling the post game radio show and discussing eccentric Barry Zito's chart, she became a hit.

Andrea's "Astrology Minute" illuminated the game for five seasons on the Oakland A's post-game radio show "Extra Innings.

In Baseball, as in Astrology, Timing is Everything! Sports Astrology provides valuable information for athletes and all levels of team management, illuminating the mental, emotional and physical game. Maximize investment, discern performance cycles, injury proneness, advantageous trades, free agents, draft choices, scouting, contract signings, clubhouse chemistry and more. While not a psychic, Andrea analyzes data from an athlete's birth chart, and compares planets at birth to current alignments - known as forecasting.

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The old paradigm is based on past performance, Sports Astrology is based on future performance cycles, and imparts a pioneering, competitive advantage. COM, as well as appearing on local TV and radio shows. Let this Most Valuable Predictor guide you with your game! For more information, see this Orlando, Florida Winter Meetings flyer and predictions, please visit this link.

For more information and a list of past predictions, see the Dallas, Texas Winter Meetings flyer and predictions, please visit this link. Andrea compared methodical Virgo Randy Johnson's forecast with intense Scorpio Curt Schilling's, correctly concluding that Johnson's chart looked stronger. Louis Cardinals World Series. Cavaliers, Steph Curry vs. Louis Cardinals. Louis Cardinals in 4 games. The Stars reversed the curse for the Boston Red Sox in very historic and dramatic fashion as they won their first World Series since ! With incredible enthusiasm, she reels off pitching stats and planetary locations in the same breath, making for a magical blend of baseball acumen and astrology.

Baseball players are always looking for that extra competitive edge-and the A's being a particularly progressive team-it would seem a fine fit for her to become the "Director of Intuitive Arts.

Her forecast on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was right on. After one of her first appearances on the show, we got an e-mail from a listener who said he didn't believe in astrology at all, but still loved listening to Andrea and hoped we continued to have her on. The Raiders as a team had This year, Mack has 4. He also has four forced fumbles. Oakland has five team sacks. They have a lot of other players on defense that are concerning to us also. And they also have depth. More from Yahoo Sports:. Steelers overwhelm Bengals for first win of season.

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Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Yahoo Sports October 2, Raiders' head coach Jon Gruden didn't want to re-hash the past.

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