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Valmiki in the Ramayana is asking us to awaken a poetic and yogic insight, much like the Vedic rishis, but through a portrayal that appeals to young and old alike.

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The Ramayana revolves around Sita. Who is Sita?

Are Men Learning Wrong Lesson from Rama’s Treatment of Sita?

Sita is born of a furrow in the ground. She is one of the ayoni-jas or those not born of the womb. She is discovered by King Janaka during his yearly ceremonial plowing of the fields. Yet King Janaka is not a mere ordinary king either.

Sri Rama's Horoscope

He was the greatest philosopher king of ancient India, equal to the rishis. The Upanishads contain his profound dialogues with the sage Yajnavalkya. Sita is related to Sarasvati as the supreme muse of artistic inspiration, to Lakshmi as the capacity to nourish all creatures through the Earth, and to Parvati as the yogini who can renounce and transcend all limitations. The Atma Shakti or power of consciousness that Sita holds arises from the receptive and silent mind, which is far beyond any outer powers born of self-assertion or material becoming. The loss and regaining of Sita is our loss and finding the knowledge of our true nature.

Lakshman is the discriminating power of the buddhi that protects this inner receptivity. Rama is the true Self within us that must awaken to reclaim it. Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the cosmic energy that works through the air element.

Vivah Panchami – The marriage of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and its significance

He is our inner prana devoted to the Divine couple, the Sita and Rama within us. Ravana represents the separative self and its illusion powers through the ego-mind, obsessed with external power and control. To honor Rama we must strive to live a life of dharma and sadhana. We must be open to the space of cosmic consciousness beyond our biased human intellect and its conceited opinions. To do this we must become Sita and make our lives into a vision and a sacrifice.

We must sharpen our intellect as Lakshman to discern the eternal from the transient. We must awaken our inner Hanuman and direct our prana to attempt the highest and leap beyond our limitations. We must overcome our own Ravana, the intractable ignorance and ego urges within us.

It is time that we return to Ayodhya, which is to move from an outer fixation to an inner view of life as a spiritual offering. Ayodhya is a divine city of profound wisdom, deep devotion and unity consciousness.

Ram vs Ravana- Astrological Analysis

Ayodhya as the city of dharma is an ideal within the hearts of all that welcomes every creature and every form of sincere aspiration. Lord Rama as the avatar of dharma exemplifies that our true duty is to serve all life, not merely to fulfill our personal desires. We have much to learn from this wonderful story, but must approach it with humility and discernment for its transformational secrets to unfold. Jai Sri Ram! Jai Sita-Ram!

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

My Account. March 25, He said he had seen them while laying his head on her feet in worship. He was not able to recognize any other jewelry as he has never presumed to look closely at them. After the battle, Sage Agastya came to Ayodhya. The Sage said, Meghnad was not an ordinary demon, he was a conqueror of Indralok.

kemplawwealur.ml He also possessed the three ultimate weapons of Trimurty, Brahmastra, Narayanastra, and Pashupatastra and he could only be killed by someone who has not eaten, slept or seen the face of a woman for 14 years. Peoples were surprised that how Lakshman could fulfill these conditions. Before going to exile his mother told him to guard Ram and Sita while they sleep. Lakshman in his loyalty believed that he was born to serve Lord Rama and so he never did anything without being told.

When Rama realized that he had fulfilled his duties on earth, it was time for him to return to Vaikuntha.

Ram vs Ravana- Astrological Analysis

Rama invited Yama, but Yama put a condition that their conversation should be confidential and anyone who entered the room should be punished by a death sentence. So, Rama entrusted Lakshman to guard the room so that no one could enter. Meanwhile, sage Durvasa came and expressed his desire to meet Rama. At first, Lakshman refused politely but sage insisted and threatened to curse Ayodhya. To save Ayodhya, Lakshman decided to intercept the meeting.

Before the exile, Rama tries to convince his own wife and tells her that she could stay back in the kingdom with her in-laws if she so wishes. Rama does not even bring this topic of discussion to convince Lakshmana to stay back because Rama knows that Lakshmana is going to follow him to the exile anyway. Lakshmana was immensely loved by Rama. When Lakshmana was injured on the battlefield and almost died, Rama wept and confessed that he could live without the riches in Ayodhya, he could live without his beloved Sita but he could not live without brother Lakshman on his side.

Rama was not just a brother to Lakshmana but also a father and a guru. Rama, in turn, gave them to Lakshmana and became the preceptor of Lakshmana. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Srinivasa Prasad.