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Well, schools teach us that markets grow up into towns, naturalists should accept and move on. The transition from soko to Tao is supposedly development. I guess this can win the dumb paragraph awards. When we sat pretty and watched the glamour of Nairobi barbecued on the grill of vanity by these 90s kids, we underestimated the chain effect. Towns like Nakuru and Thika were allowed to import all the antics of a city struggling to escape the tyranny of egos.

Sociologists consider the transfer of cultures an involuntary social process.

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Then there is Nakuru, the county government has brown tooth in the county logo, schools have Tuk Tuks as school vans, MPESA kiosks are run by men-Safaricom insist on lady attendants, though. I veterinary officers roam town with their KVX Suzuki vans. The men still Consider showing off an iPhone as part of foreplay. Thika is not spared, club Leos and Zinc still hosts men with skinny jeans, if am not wrong, all municipal councils should have a by-law against these pants.

The town has its fair share of vanity. They still insist on lower back tattoos and you know the generous melanin among its major inhabitants. We are not waxing tribal here but opening a tattoo parlour in Eldoret is like organizing a beauty contest in Kisii town, the standards have to be questionable. Eldoret is in Uasin Gishu County. Anyway what is in a name? Double naming was an early 80s practice that portrayed human greed, it was an act of possessiveness and blatant refusal to incur the opportunity cost. Athletics is the main spot in Eldie.

When Man U was playing Chelsea in October in I quickly withdrew my cursing and wrote a formal apology for projection after the Marathon. Ok, we all know athletics is not a sport. Like my showy Prof. Although I have family ties with Catherine Ndereba, running was a jungle survival tactic that lost essence when we invented the wheel. The inhabitants are real safe for Chepkoilel or whatever name it has since mutated to students.

I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY. Just over the border, the Canadian accent is in absolute full bloom. My college roommate was from Regina, Saskatchewan and had almost no Canadian accent.

Have seen M and Z —both are brilliant—but not W. Are they more dramatic? Her takes on her own songs were inevitably the best versions. She died way too young at 49 of ovarian cancer—just like her mother at the same age—in Both were unique. Seconded on L Nyro. Skip to content. NY Times crossword solution, 9 15 18, no.

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September 15, at am. NYT Cooking also has a nice recipe for a mushroom ragout — great over pasta.

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Lise says:. DH says:.

He hands the papers to her. Jim Peredo says:. Jim Hale says:.

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Re: GRIP — From American Heritage Dictionary listing for purchase n : A hold or position that allows the application of power, as in moving something: got a purchase for her foot and climbed up. Karen Rackle says:. September 15, at pm. Papa John says:.

GlennP says:. Huda says:. Steve Manion says:. The SE was tough for me; the rest about average difficulty. We frequently ate goulash when I was young and seemed to alternate calling it goulash and ragout Steve. September 16, at am. Alan D. Re: LAT write-up. Midge Ure is a man and was the singer for Ultravox.

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I used IE and it worked. The puzzle looks great! VooX says:. Thanks in advance. Amy Reynaldo says:. M starred Peter Lorre. I have never seen it. David Steere says:.

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