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An idle, extravagant Bull is always an extremely unhappy person, just as a sober, mercenary Fish is always a pathetically sad, neurotic human being.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

If these two join forces, they could then each do what comes more naturally. Pisces could show Taureans more imaginative ways to make money, and teach them the joys of sharing it with others, along with the truth of the infallible Universal Law that the more you give, the faster it multiplies. The very idea gives the Bull nervous palpitation, and makes his hair stand on end.

There are, of course, Pisceans who are forced by circumstances, and memories of childhood poverty, to worry and fret about having to take a turn with the tin cup, so they pinch their few pennies, but privately hate themselves for being so miserly. Yet, when they stop pinching, the money to replace what was spent appears like magic from unexpected sources. An odd and interesting difference between Taurus and Pisces is a fact as simple as their names. As for changing his or her name legally, a typical Bull will balk, even if the name is Percival Perriwinkle or Clarestine Clapper.

Remember the true story about Ms. As for Pisces, almost every Fish you meet will either already have a nickname, or secretly longs for one. A Pisces girl or woman named Catherine will flirt with the idea of spelling it Kathryn — a Pisces boy, or man, named John, will doodle it as Joshua, or toy with the idea of legally changing it to a more romantic Jonathan.

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Anything to make life more exotic, and to keep your identity hidden from snoopers who pry into your personal life. None of that sneaking away for Taurus. What is there to be faced, he faces, with open courage, and he will remain standing there stubbornly, until he proves his point.


He stalks off heavily back to where he started from, with his original opinion clutched tightly in his arms, across his beefy chest. But the day can be saved by laughter. The Bull has a rich, delicious, absolutely marvelous sense of humor. As mentioned elsewhere in this book, Water enriches Earth, and Earth provides a home for Water, but the wrong blending of these two can create mud or quicksand. Like those people whose day of birth not including month or year adds to the number 4 or 8, will be bound firmly to the lives of other 4 or 8 persons, like it or not, pleasant or unpleasant — those under the influence of this Sun Sign Pattern will find they have no choice in deciding to meet, or when to part.

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Numerology and astrology are sisters or brothers — whichever you prefer, the relationship of these two arts and sciences being one of the very few situations thus far not initially labeled as masculine by male chauvinist pigs, nor later challenged and switched to the feminine gender by female chauvinist sows. Help yourself. The rewards for uncomplainingly assuming the duties, however, are great indeed. An example of a Taurus-Pisces, fated Sun Sign Pattern, including both the light and shadows of necessary mutual sacrifice..

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There are thousands, millions of others — including, of course, the Bull and the Fish reading this chapter. But Taurus is deeply concerned with the need for facing reality — even those occasional Master-Avatar Bulls, who now and then pass among us yes, also now , such as the ultimate-enlightened, and esoterically aware alchemist, the very Taurean Count de St.

Pisces is here on a totally different teaching trip. Pisceans have journeyed past horizons of such unearthly beauty they tear at the Neptune heart when he or she revisits them in dreams. And so, the Fish cannot bear to face reality, as it appears to be on Earth. In his or her subconscious, Pisces hears the ancient cry of the Tibetan monks whose chants echo across the vaulted ceiling of their monasteries: This is the world of illusion this is the world of illusion.

Therefore, the Bull feels compelled to force the Fish to confess his or her guilt of self-deception and fantasy — to see things as they are — and the clear, sparkling streams of Pisces vi sions are forced back to the rich, stable Earth by the practicality of the watchful Taureans. Create a post. Post Pagination Next Post Next.

Aquarius Romantic Compatibility Through The Signs

Like it? Share with your friends! Share Your Thoughts Here. Connect with:. Forgot password? Their goals are very different: Aquarius wants to be as brilliant as possible; Virgo wants to be as efficient as possible. They're compatible intellectually, but won't celebrate many anniversaries. Also, diplomatic Libra knows must how to get around Aquarius's quirky stubborn streak. They like the way each other's minds work and share interests in music, theater, and the arts.

Both love parties, other people, and have numerous projects in common.

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There won't be arguments about who leads and who follows because they are both great egalitarians. This should be a lovely affair, but for the long term someone will have to settle down. But Aquarius is turned off by Scorpio's powerful and jealous passions, and Scorpio is upset by Aquarius's unpredictable moods. Aquarius is looking for a companion in adventure whereas Scorpio wants a committed consort. Aquarius is aloof, unemotional, and restless; Scorpio is demanding, critical, intensely possessive.

Aquarius starts looking for happiness outside the home and it might as well keep right on traveling. In addition, they inspire each other intellectually, for Aquarius has far-out, inventive ideas and Sagittarius is optimistic and visionary.

sleepcontitho.tk Aquarius can be dogmatic in its libertarian views but that doesn't bother live-and-let-live Sagittarius. Both are highly social, fun-loving creatures who like people, seeing new places, and what-ever is unpredictable. The best part is that neither one is jealous when the other isn't home. Aquarius has a great many opinions about everything and welcomes neither advice nor orders from rigid Capricorn.


Aquarius is continually on the go and likes to spend money. Capricorn considers that frivolous and tries to impose strict controls. Capricorn is cautious, solid, and straightforward, and doesn't understand Aquarius's adventurous ideas. A brief rapport at best before boredom sets in and damps the fire. Inventive, progressive, attracted to the new and unusual, they are sexually suited and share wide-ranging interests. Each is involved in all kinds of projects and friendships.

With so many outside activities going, they are likely to be apart as much as they are together and that's fine with them. They haven't a thing to quarrel about since they agree on everything: Both of them are much more rational than emotional. Their love won't be as deep as a well, but it will draw water.

Sensual, imaginative Pisces will go along with anything Aquarius wants, and they achieve an unusual intimacy. However, things begin to go downhill as Pisces insists or, more and more testaments of love. Dependent, indecisive Pisces needs someone strong to take control.

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  8. Aquarius shuns any kind of emotional demands. When Aquarius feels hemmed in by that all-enveloping Piscean web, it will struggle free and go its own way.