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Melrose District. Mesa Convention Center. Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson. Natural Grocers. North High School. Northern Arizona University. Pepsi Ampitheatre. Phoenix Convention Center. Phoenix Public Market. Pima Animal Care Center.

Pima Community College Downtown Campus. Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites.

The Loft Cinema. Tohono Chul Gardens, Gallery, and Bistro. Tucson Convention Center. Uptown Pubhouse. Wells Fargo Arena. Wild Willy's Cantina. Jonas brothers. Calendar GoogleCal. Current Month. Sort By:. Event Type :. Event Location:. Event Tag. England Building Aaahh!!! Pretorius, author of Living in Times of Dragons. Please welcome John A. What is the first fiction piece you remember writing? Because I was ten there were a lot of bad puns in it, and I thought I they were very clever.

I plan, but I don't plan it out blow for blow usually.

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When I do, I don't always keep to it. Writing for me is ultimately intuitive. It's easier to lay a foundation than to build on it. One day I imagined this protagonist, Roger, looking out a window and him seeing a dragon. The dragon then begins to chase him. It doesn't depict any deliberate event in the story, but has the feel of the first section.

The hardest and why? I had started two novels with him that went nowhere, but in the second novel I managed to nail the feel of the character and create a backstory. By the time I wrote this novel he was fleshed out in my mind, and I could put him to paper with ease. Hardest was his son, Ian. Ian was a character I struggled developing, and in the first draft he had the personality of a wooden plank. Considering he's important to the story this was a huge problem. It took several rewrites for me to nail down a personality for him. John : My hands were free and I began to feel around inside the mouth of the beast.

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I reached and touched a huge canine, then my other hand went in under the tongue. Suddenly its sharp teeth pressed down gently upon my shoulder and calves while the tongue pressed my stomach onto the roof of the mouth. Then I heard a voice in my head. But I called its bluff. Its voice then came; its tone darkly humorous. Now stop squirming.

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I'm also reworking a short story I wrote that got accepted for an anthology which was never published. Amazon : Kobo. Currently he works as a salesperson, but has been writing in his spare time since highschool. Living in Times of Dragons is his first novel, but Pretorius is working on more which he hopes to publish soon.

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    Email This BlogThis! Google Play : iBooks : Kobo. The residents of Moscow have woken up to the devastation left by a massive fire. Parts of the city are in ruins and friends and family are dead or homeless. They are looking for answers but more importantly for someone to blame. Unfortunately, Vasya is in the cross hairs as she no longer has the protection of the Grand Prince who is angry and no longer trusts her or her brother, the monk Alexander. Without his support Vasya is left vulnerable and on her own. Even more dangerous than the mobs looking for revenge is Father Konstantin.

    He is determined to destroy Vasya and teams up with a demon who wants revenge and to create chaos wherever he goes. With all of Russia on the brink of war and desperate to protect those she loves Vasya embarks on a journey to find the one person who can help her, the Winter King. Time is running out for Vasya to save her family and the magical world she has grown to love. Arden keeps the pressure on Vasya throughout this novel and the suspense is high from the very start through to the very end of the story. There will be trouble with regard to partner, children and occupation. Saturn direct in your career house could see career matters speed up.

    Click here for your free Numerology Analysis. Saturn in 8th house in Scorpio-For Aries Ascendant Saturn becomes the 10th and 11th lord and its placement in 8th house is not auspicious. Saturn and the 10th House of Career. Saturn will be reward you for your hard work in Saturn works well in air signs, and it is quite happy here. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius and is strongly exalted in Libra.

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    Thus, the normal and natural outlet for organizing, structuring, effort-making and disciplining symbolized by Saturn is blocked. Saturn in your Partners 11th house. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome.

    Due to the association with 12th house, such natives tend to progress towards spiritual liberation. If you've ever wondered which career or job you're meant for, or if your current career is really what's best for you, astrology has the answers. With Saturn in Capricorn, one of the signs it rules, Saturn is dignified and functioning well. Saturn is a slow moving planet, it spends around two and half years in each zodiac sign. Career Astrology: Saturn in Capricorn zodiac brings much of changes in portrait which could bring planet with complete dominance on account of being in own arena that is Capricorn.

    Planets in the twelfth house are denied natural, and direct expression. Now you mix the both of them and especially if you have pisces energy in 10th or 11th house or Saturn rule your 10th house or Saturn in 12th house. This house is a representation of our career goals, ambitions, relationships to authority, and public status. Saturn in Virgo makes native commercial minded in career, accountancy, commerce etc.

    At the commencement of the year, Rahu would be in the 4th house in Gemini sign and later on, it would enter in Taurus sign in 3rd house on September Capricorn is the area of your solar chart associated with relationships, personal, emotional and. With Saturn in Pisces or in the 12th house you are called to give yourself a break—you may find yourself moving away from structures that no longer serve you.

    Early on in life, the prominent-Saturn tempering is harsh, like a silversmith making a Honzo sword, and that can mean truly heart-wrenching and difficult and even cruel experiences, which was the case for me. Saturn has a powerful and life altering influence. You have received some pretty bad press Scorpio and are probably the most misunderstood sign.

    Pisces Predictions The name literally translates into the elder one or the senior one and it holds true for that which is characterized by supreme glory. An exuberant, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality brings Pisces out into the open and fuels the confidence of these wonderfully sharing and caring, Florence Nightingale types. Your Pisces astrological forecast for June Your hard work will pay you well during this transit.