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Neither Moon sign is particularly sexual, which takes the pressure off the two of them to make sex into a big deal. While Libra Moon is certainly the more romantic of the two, it doesn't mind being introduced to sex for the hell of it so long as it's fun. Sex swings, orgies maybe?

Aquarius Dates: January 20 - February 18

Libra Moon isn't down with more than one partner most of the time. Other than that, it will do whatever pleases Aquarius Moon. And while Aquarius Moon doesn't necessarily make sex romantic the way Libra Moon might want, it does try. In it's own weird way, it makes sex special. Ok, so no lacey lingerie or satin sheets. Aquarius Moon turns on a black light and lights to lava lamp by the rotating bed. Yes, it might be a little odd, but it is special, and this is what matters most to Libra Moon, who thus becomes the center of attention in the middle of that rotating bed.

Aquarius Moon is not very sensual, but it has a keen understanding of the nervous system and what tickles. And Libra Moon can be quite ticklish. One problem is that Aquarius Moon tends to see it's relationships as equal, and even though it falls in love, it doesn't necessarily hold one person above all others. There may be a tendency toward polyamory or swinging. Libra Moon could be own with either one, but chances are, it wants monogamy. This can be a problem.

Aquarius Moon isn't satisfied with just one partner, or just one close relationship, while Libra Moon couldn't be happier.

Walk into the World of "Gemquarius"

Libra Moon, however, holds one relationship above all others and though it wants friendships, doesn't put it on equal ground with love. The solution is for the two Moons to have as many friends as possible. Acquaintances, shared friends, friends of their own, new friends, etc. This also allows Libra Moon to have enough people to compare Aquarius Moon with so it knows it picked the winner. Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, they seem to totally like you as you are, but are they your friend for life?

If you want to know if you are happy with Libra Moon's willingness to abide, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign.

They start sharing things but turn the sharing things into separation. Taurus is true and honest for his Aquarius partner. But, his traits of guilt and self criticism are difficult for the Aquarius to handle for a long time resulting it reduce the trust in the relationship. Due to mismatch in the basic nature of both the signs they suffer from the. Taurus values ground and practical realities. Taurus person remains confined on the truth.

Contrarily, Aquarius always wants to fly and has higher aspirations. There is no ground for them where they can convince on one thing, one idea and same philosophy. Value System of Taurus and Aquarius: 0. They will find their most harmonious relationship with the person born under the Taurus Astrological sign April 19 to May 20, August 21 to September 20 Virgo , December 21 to January 20 Capricorn , and in 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and end of each of these signs.

Aquarius Compatibilty

Taurus and Aries. Taurus and Taurus. Taurus and Gemini. Taurus and Cancer. Taurus and Leo. Taurus and Virgo. Taurus and Libra. Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus and Sagittarius. Taurus and Capricorn. Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus and Pisces. What does your name mean? Your Free Numerology Reading. Find Your Life Path Number. This passion they share can make their relationship special and tying the knot will be only a formality.

In marriage, they will spend most of their time discussing their ideas passionately and setting their budget for their next trip. Since they share a similar outlook in many aspects, a Gemini and Aquarius marriage is a winning one. When problems arise, they both have a kick for solving problems as they come rather them allowing them to pile up. This is something that will be of great importance in a long run. Trust is one of the areas where these two signs click the most. As honest, straightforward and carefree as they are, Gemini and Aquarius will both feel free to say anything they think or feel to their partner, without much thinking how will that make them feel.

They also understand each other's need for freedom, which is why they usually have each other's absolute trust. These two forward-thinkers will be changing their thoughts, beliefs and dreams on a regular basis and it will be hard to follow. However, if they work together as a team, they will be able to keep up with each other.

Aquarius Horoscope And Traits

There's no doubt how easy it is for these two to bond intellectually. They will have so many things and topics to talk about that it will seem like a lifetime is not enough to share everything. A Gemini and Aquarius friendship is one of the most interesting combinations, because of their mental connection. A relationship between these two, however, goes beyond mental connection.

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  • Gemini and Aquarius Love and Romance!

Their communication will keep them satisfied and close for a very long time, but if their conversations start becoming too dreamy or superficial, they might get bored or annoyed. What is the best match for a Gemini? Well Aquarius just might be. They have a lot of shared values, but their biggest one is their perception and need for intellectual stimulation.

Aquarius is known as humanitarian and they're very likely to be community contributors. Gemini understands this need of the Water bearer and will often support them with all of their energy. Their hunger to explore life's deepest mysteries is also very important for them. Space and freedom for themselves is equally important for them and they will rarely find themselves arguing on that.

On top of all that, these two can truly enjoy doing all sorts of things together.