Raj rajeshwar yoga in astrology

Guru Jupiter literally means big. Plz enlighten me. Join Group. Public Anyone can find the group, see who's in it and what they post. If it is so we can save many marital life issues just by breaking engagement except strong bad karma for divorce Relationship which is broken after engagement and before marriage.

What will be effect of rahu ,budh ,shukra,Pluto in 8th house in lagna kundali. How can I check whether there is marriage is promised in a chart or not Astro medical. Thank you Note: again not a personal question. Any body here having a good collection of astrology books? If yes then please help in this.

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Which planet is responsible for bad skin? Does 11th house lord Moon placed in 8th house cause skin issues?? Any remedies?? Even very high earning and well settled females are looking for husband, earning better then them. Any astro reason behind this? Please name 3 mahadashas when a native mostly go for astrological help. No planets in 6,8,12 house means smooth life? Pin 34 Years. Asansol 36 Years.

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Auspicious Yogas of Sun and Their Impact on Human Nature

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RAJ YOGA in Astrology

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