Horoscope leo 17 january

Just beware of losing assets. An unexpected accident may interrupt you work flow as well. To sum up, work and finances are still OK, but don't create more debt; especially from buying a house or car. Relationships: Gemini who already have boyfriends or girlfriends may argue. You should be firm when it comes to love and your partner. Don't be nitpicky. And be careful about love triangles or being torn between two lovers, because your love life can become chaotic.

Daily horoscope for Thursday, January 17, 12222

For single people, you will have a secret romance. Don't rush into this kind of relationship because it won't last so long. It is more lust than true love. Health: Watch out for a car accident or even while walking on the street. Your health is fine, but your family members such as parents or children could possibly get sick and cost you money in June and October.

Luck: Gemini doesn't have much luck.

Some of your luck comes from the opposite sex during March to May. You will have more luck in Children and companions: This year, you can count on your subordinates. Your children may have health problems. It can be something minor such as a cold. Work and finances: You will foresee a great investment opportunity. You will get through last year's work problems smoothly.

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After April, your fortunes will become clearly better, but will still have to watch out if foreigners ask you to invest with them. You have to study the investment direction, the contracts and other papers carefully in detail. If not, things can turn upside down and you will be disadvantaged.

And don't act as a surety for anyone as this could possibly cause you a burden. Relationships: Single people will meet someone you like and in , the relationship will strengthen. Couples will have a straightforward love life. Nothing is exciting or worrying. Next year, your wife or husband will be lucky. Any Cancer who is at odds with their partner will later get along. And the relationship will get better next year. In conclusion, if you find love this year, it possibly becomes a long term relationship.


But if you have interests in many people, you should consider the one who doesn't mind that. If the one you like is a bad person, you have to look for a new one. Health: You will be healthy. If you are sick, it will be something minor.

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But you have to be cautious about your feet. You may have an accident causing injury to your feet. It can happen while walking or riding a motorcycle or stepping on a nail or hitting something hard. Luck: You will have luck from people who older than you or from monks. If you work in a company or in a government office, you will have an opportunity to be promoted or be admired by your superiors.

You will be lucky at work throughout the year. Cancer will be lucky and succeed more than other signs. Children and companions: You will see achievement and progress in your children and subordinates. You can count on them and they will bring your satisfaction. If your children are looking for jobs or take a university entrance exam, they will surely succeed in the middle of the year. Work and finances: Your seniors at work support you and give you more responsibility.

Things will progress in a good direction. The workload may seem too much and may feel tired, but it will all pay off well for your reputation. Beware of a slight hiccup, but that's just temporary and not damaging. Children and companions could land you in hot water. This is also not a good time to start any new business venture.

You have a lot of expenses, and they require meticulous management to work through. Relationships: Love is smooth sailing for Leo this year, for the most part. Single people out there should start keeping an eye out. If you do find someone, just test the water first.

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Nothing is permanent at this stage. Despite how smoothly or sweetly it seems to be going, both sides are not ready to make a commitment at this stage. It's not that you don't love one another, but both of you still yearn for that freedom in romance. To jump right into a more permanent commitment would cause discomfort for both parties. Just have fun for now. Health: This is a generally healthy year for Leo. Small sicknesses are possible, but nothing severe. No hospital admissions or surgery for the most part. Accidents may come if you're not careful, or get too hot-headed and daring.

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If you lead a careful life, there's almost no chance of accidents. However, beware of accidents caused by trivial matters when driving a car. Luck: Good fortune can be found within the workplace.

Your supervisors definitely have your back. Ongoing projects are finally manifesting themselves this year. However, starting a new project may not end so well. An attentive eye is ever crucial. When it comes to taking a risk or gambling, Leo doesn't have much luck in this area. Even if there is, it won't be worth the risk. Children and companions: Leo will be busy with their children and companions. Some of them may fall into health-related problems that may end up in unexpected hefty bills for you to worry about. Still, don't be too concerned.

Your children and companions also have positive prospects waiting for them. Success is smiling at them despite other drawbacks. Work and finances: This is not a good year for work. Things can get uncomfortable and may not go the way you want them to. If you are considering changing your job, try to refrain from the thought as it could bring chaos rather than joy.

Patience is needed more than ever to get yourself through. Someone else may take credit for the work you've put so much effort into.

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If you're a freelancer, don't overdo yourself as it could get you in trouble. If you have a personal office, do upgrade and fix its electrical system to prevent any accidents. As for finances, you will have lots of expenses, and your money could get swallowed up by investments.