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Small Signature: When the signature is kept short, though the name may be lengthy, the writer is reserved and humble, but will come straight to the point. When the signature is distinctly smaller than the normal handwriting, it shows the person may not realize his worth and may be humble and timid, or could be suffering from anxiety, depression or other emotional problems.

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Large Signature: When the signature is very large, though the name may be small, the writer is egoistic and ambitious and loves to socialize. When the signature is distinctly larger than the normal handwriting, it shows the person has willpower and confidence. If it is very much larger, the person could be a show-off and not someone very reliable.

Expanded Signature: The person whose signature goes across the page seeks to attract attention at any cost. If the normal handwriting is also very large, the tendency is more pronounced. Dissected Signature: In this case the signature will have a stroke on it, either horizontal, vertical, partial or complete. It shows that the person wants to cancel out his own being.

The writer may be dissatisfied with society, depressed or in extreme cases even suicidal. Encircled Signature: The circle around a signature, partial or complete, has two meanings. The writer may be protective about his near and dear ones or may be fearful of the environment. The circle is like a protective shield. Abbreviated Signature: The person who signs his first name only may be self-centered.

How to make Your Signature Lucky? by Aaadietya Pandey

This applies to signatures on important documents only and not personal letters or greetings. Bifurcated Signature: If the surname appears below the first name, it indicates the writer wants to place himself above his family, in a controlling position. Significance of Ending stroke in the signature : The ending stroke of the signature i.

In case, the ending stroke turns backwards, it signifies that even after sincere efforts the person will fail to have any significant achievement. So why not make efforts to develop positive vibes by using a lucky signature?

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Channels In Focus. Aaadietya Pandey Waqt ki har shay gulaam , Time rules every person. Please advice how to sign my name as lucky.

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I am amazed by the article above. It will greatly appreciated if you could suggest or help me make my long and short lucky signatures so could replace my old one. I'll be awaiting for your response and suggestion.

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Thank you very much and more power! Dante A. As per the above article, Sir, please kindly advice me how to make my signature confident, lucky and successful. I was really amazed by reading your article I would really appreciate it very much if you could help me make my signature lucky Thanking You I am waiting for your reply.. Nd can u explain the meaning of dat singnature Please email me how should i do my signature which will bring me luck and prosperity.

My name is Alpesh Mistry. Sir, Give me advise to make my Signature easy only my name. Very down to earth and always smiling and ready to solve your problems. Once you meet Vikramarka, you'll have lots and lots of positivizes filled within you. She's very ambitious, dedicated and has a very good professional ethics.

Till today i haven't heard he underestimating anyone by profession nor personally. I met Vikramarka in as I was desperate to change my job or get a promotion being in a stagnant position that I was for nearly 7 yrs. His remedies are very simple, very practical and I recommend everyone who is stuck, confused and know not what to do with problems in their life, to just meet him once. You'll change everything around you for the better and you'll be amazed at him predictions which are on dot!

You'll love him for what he is, as I do I was amazed about how accurate he was with his readings. He seems to know everything about planets and how they influence you. And he just knows how to help you in the best way. He makes a good friend from the very beginning. I absolutely give him five stars and recommend him to everyone. I was not a believer of astrology and prediction. After meeting Vikramarka my mindset towards astrology has changed I was surprised he is able to tell my problem by seeing my face.

I was suffering from monetary loss because of his remedy I'm completely OK now I've got a proper job. I'm so thankful to Vikramarka. Past 3 years my Business organisation is running in loss,I got to from my friend about Vikramarka,he saw all my horoscope and told me about,The business name correction we got done worked brilliant for our organisation. Our turn over and valuation increased by leaps and bounds. We keep consulting pandit Vikramarka for all our projects. Highly recomended service for Business Name Corrections.

Pandit Vikramarka is a personality full of Energy and very kind.. I had consulted him for my son and husband, he is very kind to answer all your queries. After consulting him seen amazing changes in my son's n husband life Highly recommended to all peoples having problems in life. I've known Vikramarka for more than 10 years now and I can very proudly say that he's always helped me find the light whenever I've been lost or seeking any guidance. People come into your life for a specific reason and I think Vikramarka has more than one purpose for being in my life.

He's always been true to him path no matter what and has never deterred from it. Vikramarka I thank you for all the help and for just allowing us to share a wonderful special relationship.

I wish you all the best things in life! Vikramarka analysis and prediction was perfect Pandit Vikramarka has developed a unique practice of Vedic astrology.

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Well he did give me valuable vastu advice for my office. When I set up my office according his advice I really getting success and resolved the issues those I was facing from past year. Vikramarka is definitely one of the best astrologers out thime. The information he gives is very accurate. He is very friendly and respectful. He gives guidance and even helps you heal. Vikramarka goes the extra mile, gives attention to you and your situation. No one else out thime like him.

Unlike othims, Vikramarka checks on you every once in a while to make sure you're doing better and truly acts like a friend. I highly recommended him, definitely worth it. I to his number from online sulekha and consulted, He was solved my problems with simple remedies. I'm so thankful to him. He's really good person by heart. It takes a lot to impress me in regards to astrological readings, as I am an amateur astrologer myself. However, almost immediately, I was given information that literally left me speechless. Personal details about my life, as well as professional guidance and advice on how to turn several challenging aspects presented to me into positive opportunities for personal growth.

Not only was my reading spot-on, but I felt as though I was talking to an old friend.

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The sincerity and kindness Vikramarka possesses and radiates can be felt all the way across the world. I would highly recommend getting a reading if you are able to. I am SO incredibly grateful to have had such an incredible, eye-opening experience. My husband has been suffering from depression ever since he lost his job.

He was irritable around the house and whatever we did to make him happy just backfired on us with him screaming at all of us to leave him alone.

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He even refused to sleep in the bedroom and would spend all his time on the sofa before the TV. I was so worried for him and our marriage, reading the day he would say that he wants a divorce and one fine day he did. I broke down and called you Vikramarka.