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Gemini is flighty and even hyper at times, while Taurus is all about being slow and steady. Unions between these two are generally very short-lived and do not generally lead to long-term commitment. This is another astrology love match that tends to have a shorter shelf life when it occurs, as opposed to a longer one. Taurus : As is the case when it comes to many two-of-a-kind matches, two Taurus natives together can be both a blessing and a curse.

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On one hand, they both share a strong desire to make money, achieve security, and maintain a peaceful environment for them both to enjoy. On the other hand, this has a tendency to be a union that lacks enough excitement to keep it interesting over time.

However, if both individuals maintain separate interests and find a way to curb their possessive Taurean tendencies, this could certainly be a union built to last. However, both of these signs have a tendency to be possessive and argumentative when things get thorny.

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If Scorpio and Taurus can find a way to become more tolerant of one another, think before they act, and give each other sufficient room to move, this union has a chance. Taurus Compatibility. Best Matches Cancer : Taurus and Cancer natives share a deeply ingrained need for security, creature comforts, and an interest in cultivating a more serious relationship built to stand the test of time.

He is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known.

Taurus & Taurus: Love Compatibility

At first I thought he was corny, because he was so sweet, or he was joking. I recently started dating again, and I met the most wonderful Taurus man. We are absolutely in sync, and he is such an amazing lover, so affectionate. I had no idea Taureans were so compatible with each other! Well i have not been that lucky but im looking forward ra tuarean woman out there. As a Taurus woman who very recently found herself in a new relationship with a Taurus man, I am fairly happy so fard.

He was so atuned to my needs and desires, lots of loving touches and kisses, and everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. He makes me laugh and is so thoughtful—though this is a pretty new endeavor for the both of us, I am excited to see where we end up. The only thing is when two people are being stubborn at the same time — neither notices that they themselves are being irrational and rigid, and so arguments slowly form. I am currently dating a Bull and I myself is a Bull. I think we are both pretty steady people, although he likes to work way more than I do. But we both want children and when we are together we both feel super comfortable.

Since the relationship is very new, I guess I will just have to see if that is something that will change over time or if it will be a big deal breaker.

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English name: The Twins.

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English name: The Crab. English name: The Lion. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. English name: The Scales. English name: The Scorpion. English name: The Archer. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat. English name: The Water-Bearer.

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English name: The Fish. When looking at how compatible Zodiac signs are in relationships, it makes no difference what gender they are. Their Zodiac sign traits and how they match are the same, whether they are male or female. Click the header to get there. To learn about the principles of classical astrology behind Zodiac sign compatibility, what is revealed and what is not revealed about their love match, click the header. Toggle navigation. The Bull in Relationships In love and other relationships, Taurus is so slow to respond and commit, it seems like reluctance or even dismissal.

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