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Learn Gemini traits. Geminis are usually good arguers, witty, adaptive, flirtatious, playful but may come across as offensive , tricksters, inconsistent, easy to please, intellectual, chatty, quick-witted, social butterflies, knowledge-seeking, and changeable. They typically like reading, writing, and mental games, and are great at multitasking. Learn Cancer traits. They are very sensitive with unpredictable moods , romantic, nice, sweet, caring and nurturing, motherly, and homey.

Cancer individuals like home-cooked meals and quality family time; they are socially conservative, and withdraw from the scene when hurt or offended. Learn Leo traits. Leos are loving and sensitive leaders. Leos love children, enjoy luxury and jewelry, and have a bigger-than-life dramatic attitude.

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Leos are show-offs, egoistical, dominant, powerful, determined, charismatic, very demanding, athletic, smart, arrogant, pompous, conceited, temperamental, competitive, passionate, stubborn, loud, loyal, strong-willed, and usually laid-back, but can be highly aggressive or even potentially destructive. They typically want to be the center of attention and have a tremendous sense of vitality. Learn Virgo traits. These individuals are usually considered perfectionists, critical, detail-oriented, fastidious, practical, intelligent, sharp-witted, with keen intellect and powers of observation, shrewd, and penetrating.

They have great mental dexterity and try to live healthy lifestyles. They can be judgmental, opinionated, naturally shy, and organized. Virgos often like order and cleanliness, and they know how to effectively prove their point in an argument.

Learn Libra traits. Those born under the sign of Libra are intelligent, charming, flirtatious, frivolous, graceful, loyal and diplomatic. They like equality, justice, beauty, and beautiful things. They are usually considered social butterflies, polite, gracious, pleasantly mannered, idealistic, and peaceful. Learn Scorpio traits. Scorpios are secretive, passionate, confident, loyal, athletic, hyper-sensitive, mysterious, penetrating, investigative, magnetic, strong-willed, resilient, powerful, sexual, resourceful, jealous, possessive, controlling, hot-tempered and revengeful.

They typically have high levels of self-mastery in all areas. Scorpios are very private although they often seem like they're an open book. The are fascinated with topics of death and rebirth, this could be in any form, not necessarily human. It could be about giving up a possession or a job, or just changing the furniture arrangement in the house. Learn Sagittarius traits. They are adventurous, independent, friendly, enthusiastic, broad-minded, overly-optimistic, brave, intelligent, love theory, tend to apply textbook theory to their pursuits, tend to be over-achievers, charismatic, flirtatious, rebellious, and freedom-seeking.

Sagittariuses dislike restrictions. They can be very cold when their freedom is challenged. They are talkative although some are shy but even those ones open up a great deal when they begin to connect with someone , natural entertainers, impulsive, exaggerating, over-indulgent, blunt, risk-takers, with a childlike wonder. Sagittarius people are always hungry for knowledge, opportunistic, philanthropic, and philosophical. Learn Capricorn traits.

Capricorns are ambitious, determined, patient, mature, powerful, achiever, mysterious disappearing , reserved, and detached, cautious, hot-tempered generous hard workers. They are usually very ambitious and enjoy responsibility. They are self-disciplined and respect authority. They are career-oriented, with a remarkable capacity for endurance and patience.

They possess a tough exterior to prevent others from hurting them.

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Inside the mysterious Capricorn is a charming and passionate human. They also possess a remarkable sense of humour.


Learn Aquarius traits. Aquarius people love to help others. They are liberal, democratic, humanitarians who are broad-minded and enjoy social equality. They are considered reformers, but can be cold and indifferent. They are often eccentric, erratic, rebellious, unpredictable, highly opinionated, original, one-of-a-kind, friendly, sharp-tongued, idealistic, inventive, quick to change their minds, and resolute. Learn Pisces traits. Independent, determined and innovative. They are highly creative, smart, passionate, sensitive and friendly.

They like to take care of others, but are often viewed as offensive because of their changing temperaments. Examine their appearance. Each sign has several physical attributes commonly associated with it. Look at the person carefully and see if any of the following descriptions are true for them. What strikes you most about how they look? Usually the ascendant influences the physical appearance more dominantly so you may be able to guess that using physical traits and not the sun sign which is the typical zodiac determined by your birth date alone.

Learn the physical traits of Aries. These traits include high set and narrow facial bones, broad foreheads, rosy cheeks, strong, well-proportioned body, above or below average height, and dark or sandy colored hair, strong eyebrows not necessarily large though, they're often extremely thin but very notable , as well as clear and penetrating eyes which are often close-set.

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Learn the physical traits of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus so these people will often be very attractive overall. Their bodies tend to be quite square overall. They typically have low foreheads, slightly thicker than usual necks, and attractive faces. They hold a steady eye contact which feels comforting instead of alarming. It always seems like their eyes are there to help you. Learn the physical traits of Gemini. A mischievous smile , full lips, average height, and a well-proportioned chin are standard characteristics of Geminis.

They usually have high cheekbones and a youthful appearance, often large eyes. They are typically thin or even bird-boned, with pointy features, long fingers, a jaunty walk, and bright and sparkling eyes.

They usually have a great fashion sense. They have a great ability to mimic things such as expressions. Their mimicking ability can help you distinguish one. Learn the physical traits of Cancer. Cancers have far-apart eyes and innocent facial features. They are of below-average height, have a fleshy body and short legs, usually with brown hair, a round face, and a prominent forehead.

They have a peculiar smile, their lips go up a little at the sides when they smile.

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They usually have very rounded bodies. All their features are very soft looking unlike Aries. Their eyes are typically small, with a small or average-sized nose, and a full mouth. Learn the physical traits of Leo. Leos are known for their glamorous, thick, mane-like dark hair, large dark eyes, proud and confident expression which usually results includes their chin going up a little resembles a lion , Leo is one of the attractive signs, but they can sometimes have bad luck.

They may get irritated and have a prominent nose. They are typically tall with thin waists, trim athletic legs, slightly thicker calves, broad shoulders, and muscular bodies. Leo rules the upper back so their backs are muscular looking. Leos are the type to have a Leo symbol tattoo. They also have a very dramatic appearance. Learn the physical traits of Virgo. Virgos are typically fair, with clean-looking skin, a roundish head, and delicately-shaped lips.

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They have large and expressive eyes with an outward apex and strong symmetrically refined features. Virgos are always seem very clean and well groomed. Learn the physical traits of Libra. Libras are ruled by Venus so they're going to be very attractive. Libras have dimples on the cheeks, nose, knees, or elbows, with chiseled lips, a roundish head, pretty face, thin nose, and generally refined and well balanced features.