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I only ordered the report quite late in the year and found alot of what was written for me to be what exactly what happened. Alot of the information you gave me was very helpful and has taught me with your guidance on ways to improve myself and with decisions I make in my life. My health and an extended period of rest or hospitalization was in my report. I read that when I was in hospital after I had a fall and broke both ankles!! I highly recommend you to all my friends! I have found the information you give to be very accurate.

I will continue to consult with you from time to time Thanks in advance for what you do. Im more happy with myself. My support staff are respecting me im happier with my financies. The forecast reading is amazing. I think that it has been beneficial to me in that manner. I am single, so I do not pay any attention to the lovers portions. I am not looking for any companion or husband in my life, as I have been burned twice. So it is nice to look at when I have to make decisions. Yet my life has not changed as of today.

Thank you for your positive incougement.

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You told me things no one else would know and always have my best interest at heart. You are a true sage and may many light blessing be bestowed upon you.

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She helped me understand some crucial things in my life during the current transits. She advised me to stay grounded and balanced during transits. She valued my personality with beautiful compliments by showing me that I have a unique personality. I have gone through a lot of miserable things but I overcame all by believing in me and Cecilia.

It was very nice to meet you, Cecilia. Keep advising people. Thank you for the great job. They give me alot of insight I now look forward into the future with excitement. Thank you very much for all tour knowledge and insight. It is sonething that is going on good direction for my future. For the minent everything is fine and we have to wait and see.

They have provided me with support through a very difficult time in my life, and allowed me to reflect and progress to being in a much better place. Keep having to look at every few days. I am ever so grateful for the work Cecilia does with loads of passion for her work and the guidance Cecilia suggests I follow which is very enlightening for me. I have acted on your advice Cecilia and, as a result have received my first independent work with more to follow in May.

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So the first step toward my dream has been taken and I sincerely feel that you were the catalyst for this Cecilia-thank you so much for prompting and motivating me to move forward. The reports are accurate! Cecilia I appreciate your guidance is definitely a start. As I know it will take time to totally understand and benefit from it. I do look forward to staying in contact with you for any additional readings and having you as a good dear friend.

Lots of love! Sincerely, Nadia!

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Your reading was more accurate than I expected, however the wealth side of your reading did not come true on the dates you stated. Ibfollowvthe readings each day to see how close you have been, even though every sentence is open to interpretation I am not disappointed. I am now hoping that you saying I will be in the right place at the right time will be wholly accurate.

I will use your services again, when finances allow Thank you Cecilia Wishing you love and light. She is convinced that the connection between her and her future client is God sent. And I humbly bow my head affirming this.

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Her readings are stunning!!!! I find your readings accurate and done from a very ethical base not trying to keep information away from me just to push next time for more business. While going through your reading I get the feeling of what you are telling me to be sincere and true.

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Thanking you Madelaine. I do feel there is a connection with whats happening in my life. I experience it sometimes not so directly, however most of the time I see so many aspects that are remarkably accurate. Since my English is not so perfect, I needed more time. I got a lot confirmed in Reading. It gave me some impetus and expanded or changed my view of things. Thank you for beeing. I enjoyed reading it very much. So much to take in I had to save a read again. I wish I could understand the charts she done for me.

Smarter people than me probably would. I must say that the charts she done for me the layout was amazing She is a very genuine person. I now know what to keep an eye out for in the coming months. Since the reading, a college course has come to my attention that might have been ignored before. Thank you, Cecilia. Thanks for the report. I really enjoyed reading it. It described the way I am and my personality very well : I felt happy to to read read it and to get the veryfieing of my nature.

I am still confused but getting stronger everyday! Some things are already released. I try to follow the advice it contains. Some things are contradictory. But I recognize them very well. I find it exciting how it goes further and would very much like to another report next year. The accuracy had been amazing and the warnings have helped me choose a way to deal with something. Thank you Cecilia. She always keep me updated on everything. I really enjoy my personal reading and her advise and support. I find it practical and useful. I enjoy reading it and like the sight that you provided.