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The challenge, when Uranus is involved, is to maintain the courage of your convictions- whatever they might happen to be- in the face of what society thinks you should be doing, or saying. Any planet trine or sextile from any point of the t-square will provide an easing of tension, and a path through to success. Saturn is notoriously hard on the Sun, and people with this aspect are notoriously hard on themselves- even when we are talking about the trine or the sextiles.

Aspects in the natal Chart- The T-Square

Age and experience are the dual solutions to this as you learn to know your real worth only as you get older…and through this, feel comfortable expressing your true individuality only when you begin to feel worthy. When Saturn is involved, you often grow into yourself- if that makes any sort of sense. What about you- do you have a t-square in your chart?

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How does it manifest for you? Have you reaped the potential yet, or are you still struggling with the frustration this brings?

Excellent article, Jo! Some of us with multiple grand trines WISH we had t-squares.

Or any squares… Everything is either handed to me too easily, or I am too busy ruminating in my oppositions. Squares are powerful motivators. They may hit me hard in transits, or in my interactions with others, but I find I am thankful for their influence when they hit.

Hi Jo….. I have a Cardinal T square…. I always struggle with not being reactive and keeping my mouth shut. I have a question…. Thank you for a great article. Cardinal grand cross? As Elizabeth was growing up, divorce freedom from the institution of marriage was anathema to her — it was against her traditional set of beliefs.


Yet, with Saturn as the focal planet and elevated at the MC, she has shown a stoic and steely resolve in the face of adversity, holding her family together and maintaining a year grip on her royal birthright. The Queen has always perceived her role as a divine calling. But how many sacrifices were made Neptune , and at what cost to her own personal freedom Mars—Jupiter in Aquarius?

Queen Elizabeth II, April 21, ; a. Further ideas on this configuration can be found in my textbook, Getting to the Heart of Your Chart Flare, Skip to content. The Anatomy of a T-Square. February 12, Frank Clifford.

How To Thrive During a Cardinal T-Square

Where to Start: The Aspects Getting to the potential meaning of a t-square can be a challenge for pro- fessional and student astrologers alike. The Focal Planet A t-square is like a pressure cooker of energy, edginess, and stress. These are signs concerned with rigid attachment, ongoing immovable situations, and a determination to preserve the status quo.

The planets involved are Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. Mars and Jupiter are dynamic and motivating — forceful planetary principles in motion. Neptune is softer and glamorizes, subtly undermines, or permeates a situation.

The Anatomy of a T-Square by Frank Clifford

Mars—Jupiter in Aquarius suggests a progressive, rousing crusader fighting for social change; there may be a great desire for personal freedom. The conjunction opposes Neptune in Leo, which suggests royal scandal, a weakening of the monarchy, or a longing for the imperial greatness of yesteryear.

Aquarius versus Leo manifests in a division between the common man the hoi polloi, the plebs and the patricians those born to rule. The schism inherent in the opposition is released by its squares to the apex: Saturn on the MC in Scorpio. What does this suggest?

Astrological Configurations

References 1. Share this post. Cardinal T-Squares, when triggered, tend to generate immediate action—often action that is impulsive and reactive and not always helpful. Usually the lesson with Cardinal T-Squares is to learn how to be more objective and less reactive, to try and understand the nature of the identity crisis, and to ultimately take action that supports the new sense of identity. Fixed T-Squares react with a tremendous amount of resistance—Fixed signs abhor any outside attempts to create change.

With Fixed T-Squares, the first and most important lessons is to back down from the closed, defensive posture that is the instinctive response. Change will probably be required, and the more flexible you are able to become, the more responsive you can be, as opposed to being resistant, the easier the lessons will be for you. Mutable T-Squares tend to fall apart under pressure. The most difficult thing for individuals with Mutable T-Squares to do is often to keep focused, and to keep sight of their original goals.

When Mutable T-Squares are triggered, the individuals with these patterns often find that they become more easily distracted, and that they seem to have to juggle many different things at once, all of which take energy and focus away from whatever they would really like to be doing at the time. Ask Kevin: Transits and Progressions.

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