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A fresh moneymaking opportunity will arrive on the 13th, courtesy of the New Moon. You will enjoy the work involved, but your colleagues will be less than impressed. Your hard work and diligence will be seen as a threat. Instead of trying to win the approval of the group, remain true to your style. Your employer will reward your diligence with plum assignments.

Soon, you'll be able to leave a lacklustre department for a more successful one.


The Full Moon on the 28th will find you collecting a degree or certificate. Alternatively, you could have a piece of written work published. You've been working hard to acquire expert knowledge. Reaching your goal is cause for celebration. Once the party is over, you'll have to go straight back to work. Although you will long for more down time, it will be gratifying to secure a job so soon after you've established your mastery. You're ready to make a fresh start, but don't make any changes that will compromise your professional prospects. Getting a radical hairstyle or adopting a fashionable and stylish look could put you out of the running for an impressive job.

It may be better to adopt a temporary change that can be easily abandoned when it's time for work.


Although you hate being held hostage by conservative attitudes, it's better than being out of a job. On the 28th, your deepest feelings will come out in the open. It will no longer be possible to hide your passion, anger or resentment. If you've developed a crush on someone special, confess. Are you upset at someone who has dumped their responsibilities on your shoulders? Put your foot down. Coming clean will relieve a great deal of stress that has been building. It's also possible that a car or appliance will break down.

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Choose a replacement that has a reputation for being well built. On the 13th, you'll feel the urge to rest, relax and recuperate from a busy social season. Before you get too comfortable, you will have to attend to a legal or business matter. Giving a court deposition or going on an overseas trip for work will keep you busy towards the middle of June.

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Once you've crossed this big responsibility off your list, you'll be able to take a break from the action. The Full Moon on the 28th brings a partnership or contract to completion. After fulfilling your responsibilities, you might be pressured to keep this arrangement going. Be ready to break away, even at the risk of looking callous.

Bigger and better opportunities await you. You're tired of waiting on a hypercritical person who is never satisfied with your efforts. Working for appreciative people who value your efforts will give your confidence a big boost. Say your goodbyes and take the first step to a more rewarding future. A cutting-edge collaboration will be more challenging than expected on the 13th, due to a tense New Moon. There won't be enough money in the budget to do this project justice.

As a result, the team will start squabbling. If someone tries pinning the blame on you for this failure, fight back. You can't afford to have this shoddy work palmed off on you. If you meet a charming person at a party in mid-June, think twice about giving your personal information to them.

You don't want to become victim to somebody who preys on strangers for money, influence and status. The Full Moon on the 28th prompts you to reconsider how you are using your time, money and energy. Being more resourceful will help you meet increased personal and professional responsibilities at the end of June. If you feel tired and anxious, scale back your schedule and get your rest. Don't push your body past the breaking point. A career opportunity on the 13th isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

The New Moon is urging you to make a job change, but there will be hidden elements to this job that are very unpleasant. Working for someone who isn't sure what they want will be maddening. It's better to hold out for a boss who has an impressive track record. If you're put in charge of a division that lacks adequate funding, you should avoid making grandiose promises. Unlike Aries — when the forces of daylight are growing stronger — during Libra, night is beginning to dominate once more. As with Virgo, this reflects itself in the needs of the collective whole taking precedence over the individual.

Indeed it is the opposite of Aries — the sign of the self — and is associated with partnerships and marriage in particular.

This period is therefore all about balance, hence the symbolism of Libra, the scales, constantly weighing up situations. In general, Libra brings out the least self-centred aspects of the planets. Your most special quality these days, is compassion. You're finding it easier to connect with people on an emotional level.

Getting involved in a festive community event will be worth your while. Invite some youngsters along to help put up decorations. Don't be surprised if you raise a lot of money for a great cause. Putting your imagination to good use will help you zoom ahead with a new assignment. You feel inspired and ambitious and if you do a good job, you could be offered a raise, promotion or both.

Wherever you go, friends and even people you hardly know will enjoy your company.

Daily Horoscopes for Libra

Your hopes and plans are starting to change and this has something to do with the new people you are meeting and new friendships you are making. When it comes to making festive plans with the family, you should leave your options open. Someone could come along and make you a more exciting offer and you will wish you hadn't made previous commitments. Unexpected circumstances force you to take a long hard look at your life path.

There are some things you must decide for yourself and you will need some time alone to consider your future. You have more options than you realise. A friend's behaviour leaves you feeling as if they have let you down. You trusted this person to carry out their promises and now you know they aren't as reliable as you had thought. It is important that you continue to look on the bright side. There may be a need to dip into your savings to pay a few unexpected debts relating to the home. Unfortunately, a friend who owes you money is refusing to pay up.

Falling behind on your work could have unpleasant consequences so do your best to stay on top of things. This may mean getting up an hour earlier each morning or putting in extra time over the weekend. You're searching in the wrong places if you are looking outside yourself for happiness. True joy comes from enjoying the blessings that currently grace your life and many of these are within your home and family.