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You present a grounded, practical face to the world that looks beautiful as well as expensive, all of which helps you operate at your best. Nursery Style: Classic. Found on Pinterest. From Babble. Add to Cart. GEMINI May 21 - June An inquisitive, mentally sharp and conceptual approach to life serves to engage you in an active, outwardly focused relationship with the world.

Objectivity, travel and education are your allies. Gemini needs to get out into the world and mix it up a bit, so a style that is up-beat and expressive, while letting you move and multi-task, helps you be who you were meant to be. Accessories and a touch of whimsy help your personality shine.

Nursery Style: Eclectic. From Mini Style Blog. CANCER June 21 - July 22 : A sensitive, nurturing and subjective approach to life serves to protect and channel your identity into emotionally supportive action in the world. Creativity, soul family and boundaries are your allies. Classic styles that compliment rather than overshadow you are best.

You are elegant rather than trashy.

Nursery Style: Bohemian Classic. From Elements of Style. From Apartment Therapy. LEO July 23 - August 22 : A creative, proud, active enthusiasm channels your distinctiveness into a playful and powerful engagement with the world and energizes the personality into an outward focus. Self-esteem and leadership are your allies. Leo needs to command attention! You aim for a dramatic flair in presenting yourself to the world. Feeling good in your own skin requires feeling good about how you look. You like to dress for the occasion and you don't mind wearing a brand name to convey how successful you are.

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Nursery Style: Modern Chic. From Style Me Pretty Living. VIRGO August 23 - September 22 : Analytical, grounded and growth-orientated, you work towards self-refinement and meaningful work in the world. The development of practical skills is necessary for your self-esteem.

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Organization, self-acceptance and nature are your allies. As a Virgo you can be very hard on yourself when it comes to appearance. Click ahead to for Angel's insight on the trends that will take your beauty game from 0 to A new you awaits Ready to launch into the new year but not sure where to start?

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Take a cue from the stars and let your horoscope guide you. There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who pack only lip balm for a trip and those who travel with a lifetime supply of makeup for a weekend. In this video she shares her secrets. Socializing and networking are both very much in the stars for you during this festive month and can end up being beneficial for both your personal and professional life.

Your love life is passionate and intense right now.

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For singles, the energy can put you right in the path of someone you've been waiting for. Loved ones are here to assist you this month, which can come in many forms. Be appreciative of the act, big or small! With planetary action between Venus and Uranus opposite each other and influencing your love life, you have a chance to gain further realizations with how you really feel about someone.

You can also gain insight into what direction you're moving in and a chance to make a course adjustment. Remember, you have to power to make the choices that affect your life and to speak up. Although life does come with certain compromises, it is wise not to give up your control to anyone.

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The Venus and Uranus planetary interaction early this month can focus your attention on work and your own needs. If you're in doubt about anything or anyone, trust your instincts. Your career might present unexpected positive monetary changes, but don't settle for anything less than you're worth. After all, you can't expect anybody else to look after your best interests; that's your own personal responsibility. Make sure anything you say in your love life is sincere and genuine, but don't forget to also have fun.

It is the festive season after all. Don't get too serious about life. Your solar chart is hot! Be alert to possibilities to capitalize on all that is happening and crossing your star path. With money, build for the future rather than for instant gratification. Be wary of dealing with friends and family. You are independent and as such, you are capable of making up your own mind on matters of importance. Although life may feel frenzied, don't worry. Everything will turn out exactly as it should.

Trust the process. If it's love you're looking for, it's possible for a new relationship, one of substance, to begin now. Jupiter is in your sign. Use this energy by dreaming big and not limiting yourself to the best.

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December is shaping up to be your month, Capricorn. Your instincts will be heightened when the new moon arrives on the 7th, so now is the time to focus all of your energy on your future. Visualize what you want in love and in your career, and make it happen.