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One thing is for sure; you will need to make the first move if dating a Pisces man. Honestly, his highest aspiration is inner peace, and he would love to share that with his permanent mate. If you share that ambition, this could be your man!

Pisces traits

Pisces dates may be old fashioned, but he may surprise you. His imagination is there for a reason. He loves to help people, and that includes you. He will go out of his way to pamper you and your loved ones, too. Dating a Pisces woman is not that different from a Pisces man.

The Personality of a Pisces, Explained

She wants to immerse herself in beauty and love, not intolerance and hate. Like all Pisces, she is extremely sensitive and empathic, almost to a fault. If you want to win her heart, take the time to write a well-thought-out love letter or poem.

Do this only if you enjoy romantic gestures and exploring your feelings with someone you love. If the idea makes you squirm, perhaps she is not for you. Little things like remembering your first date with the Pisces woman and giving her a little surprise on an anniversary will mean the world to her. A traditional first date will likely be up to you, but after that, try to use your imagination to come up with something special. So far, it sounds like everything is about her. Let her know what your dreams and fancies are.

Pisces Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility and Horoscope

Perhaps she can help you; she will certainly try. That Pisces sexual intuition and drive to help others is a great combination in the bedroom. They will work hard to predict what you want and help you fulfill your fantasies. Not a bad deal, right? Pisces sexually senses your emotions and focuses on making or keeping you happy, both emotionally and physically. In return, if you can get a Pisces in bed to laugh, he or she will thank you a thousand times! They need to recharge after giving out so much of their energy so much of the time. A happy, fulfilling sex life full of giving and take is all anyone can ask for.

Like when it comes to dating, getting a Pisces man sexually comfortable in bed takes time and a little coaxing. They are shy about opening themselves up on this level even more than just dating! Once that hurdle has been passed, you will find a new man. His active imagination and libido make him adventurous and willing to plumb the depths of your fantasies. He loves to lose himself in the act itself.

While the Pisces man sexually is not interested in power-plays, he does love to give his partner the best experience possible, starting with the staging. If he has had a warning, he will arrange pleasant music, candlelight, and soft sheets. Even though he has such a giving nature, he does prefer that his partner is not completely passive. Active participation just makes things more fun. The Pisces woman sexually is just as shy as a Pisces man when just starting out with a partner. After all, sex is the ultimate emotional experience for her, and she is laying herself bare, both physically and spiritually.

The possibility of soul-crushing pain is frightening for her.

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If she can get past that, she will open up her wellspring of creativity and fun. For the Pisces woman, sex is the best way of getting as close to another human being as possible, and everything, from the setting to the mood is crucial to her. Because the Pisces woman sexually is so focused on making you happy, she may forget about herself, so take the time to ask her about what she likes. Follow through with what she says; make her fantasies come to life, just like she does for you. A healthy sexual Pisces relationship is a wonderful thing and can build both of you up mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This is something that both of you likely need! You tend to let yourself live in the moment and daydream when that moment is unpleasant. Not surprisingly, you pass this on to your children. While on the one hand, this sense of wonder is a great thing to have, your children need to have you in the real world as well. Someone needs to pay the bills and make schedules, after all. No doubt, the Pisces father will teach their children the significance of imagination and compassion. Your bias towards compassion for others extends to your children quite strongly, as you love them more than almost anything.

The Pisces dads are always a right listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. While this is a beautiful thing in moderation, your children may see you as easy to manipulate. Also, some structure is needed in the home, or the kids will not learn how to fend for themselves as adults and may never stop leaning on you.

In fact, she would do anything to protect them from the pain and difficulties of the world. Her tendency to overprotect can come back to haunt her when her children are grown. She exposes them early and often.

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  • A Handy Guide to the Pisces Personality?
  • Also, a Piscean mother is nothing if not thoughtful. She pays attention to what her kids dream about and what they desire.

    Attractive Pisces Personality Traits

    Sometimes she spoils them a bit too much. Known as the most sensitive children of the zodiac, Pisces children are born hyper aware of not only their feelings but also the feelings of those around them. Helping them learn to say no sometimes will be one of the best things to do for them. Not surprisingly, they are so very easily hurt, that great care must be taken when disciplining a Pisces child. A stern look may be enough. Their bodies are one of the last things on their minds.

    Pisces ~ 19 February – 20 March

    Staying healthy is vital, however, so exercise is crucial. Exercising in the water is non-weight bearing and could be a safe option. Things like swimming or water aerobics are not only more pleasant than their landlubber cousins, but no one can see your body. The varied talents of Pisces zodiac sign can lead them into several different fields. Talking about Pisces without mentioning their fantastic imaginations is impossible. A dream job for Pisces would be in the art , music , writing , designing , or even modeling. Another component of Pisces is compassion and healing. It is interesting to note that Pisces is in the twelfth house, which represents the last phase of life and a dreamlike state.

    For these reasons, careers in healthcare , mental healthcare , hospice care , geriatric care, or other caretaker professions are tailor-made for Pisces. Pisces zodiac sign may dream big, but they must have the patience to see them to fruition. If they do, it will most likely pay off quite well; however, Piscean are not exactly practical.

    Unfortunately, Pisces tends to ignore unpleasant things like past due notices in the hopes that they will go away. This is not the way things work, of course.